Red Bank Cumberland Presbyterian Church has nine ministry teams that work with the Pastor and Session to support the vision and the church’s core values. Every member of the church is encouraged to be a part of a ministry team either as a decision-making and working member, or as a supporter who seeks to help a ministry team or teams in their ministry efforts. These teams provide our members with opportunities to exercise the gifts and talents given to them by the Heavenly Father through His Holy Spirit. These teams also provide everyone the opportunity to be part of the ministry that they feel God has called them to.



This team consists of three Session members and is appointed by the Session in January of each year. Stated Clerk, when a Session member, will serve as chair. Otherwise, chairperson will be appointed by the Session.


Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee will provide diverse opportunities for each member to strengthen their relationship with our Savior. This will be accomplished by building a knowledge of scripture and engaging in ways to continually apply the Word to each member’s lives.


Communications and Marketing

The Communication and Marketing Ministry Team will prayerfully, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, help further the mission of the Red Bank Cumberland Presbyterian Church by enabling effective cross-communication between the church staff, the Session, Ministry Teams, and the congregation, and will help reach out to the community by providing materials, messaging and other support for the church’s ministries, programs, events, and other initiatives.



Our Fellowship Ministry goal is to coordinate and plan church-wide activities for the spiritual growth and well being of the church, as well as promoting fellowship within the church and the community.



The goal of the Missions Ministry team is to provide opportunities for our entire church family to share the love of Christ locally, regionally, and globally through education and hands-on projects.



Our Focus: We spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by reaching out to others. We are called to serve Him and to serve others by visiting the sick and homebound, by welcoming visitors into our fellowship, and by ministering to their needs.



The focus of the Properties Ministry is to support the mission of the church by providing oversight of church activities related to maintenance, upkeep, new project planning and assistance to other ministries as needed.



The focus of the Stewardship Ministry is to encourage the wise use of all

resources including time, talents, energy, and financial assets and to provide opportunities for utilizing those resources in order to effectively further the mission of the church.



The focus of the Worship Ministry Team is to provide a worship service that will be spiritually uplifting as well an intimate time with God for every individual attending our services.



While not an official ministry team, the Music ministry at RBCP provides additional opportunities for service. The choir, under the direction of Patricia Visage, brings our message in song each week. There are also seasonal cantatas and opportunities for specials. We practice each Wednesday evening at 7:45 p.m. Join us and lift up your voice to praise Him!