Our History

On August 25, 1878, fourteen people met in the little community of Pleasant Hill, TN to organize a new Cumberland Presbyterian Church. It was known then as the Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church, but the name would be changed to Red Bank Cumberland Presbyterian Church when the community changed its name in 1923.

The original building was one room with a seating capacity of 150, erected in 1870 on an acre of ground donated by A.M. Rogers, and cost approximately $575.00. This building was well used, being not only the place of worship for the Cumberland Presbyterians, but also for the Methodists and Baptists until they could erect meeting places of their own. During the week it served as a school called Pleasant Hill Academy. On October 14, 1923, the Methodists erected their own building. The Baptists moved to their own building two years later.

The fourteen pioneer members of the church were: R.M. Martin, J.T. Allen, R.T. Ford, E.R Martin, Nancy J. Moore, Ephriam Brown, Allison Grown, Margaret Brown, Catherine C. Martin, J.C. Martin, Eliza K. Brown, Susan G. Martin, Allison R. Martin, Catherine E. Martin. The Reverend W. H. Wilson was elected to serve as the first Pastor.

On Sunday, February 18, 1945, as the congregation arrived for Sunday School, they found the church had been completely destroyed by fire. Undaunted, the congregation made plans to rebuild, and the new church was completed on September 1, 1946. An educational annex was added in 1959, and a new Fellowship Hall and Office/Classroom wing were added in 1993.

A history such as this one gives emphasis to buildings and other easy to document items. The real history, however, belongs to the dedicated individuals who have used these buildings to strengthen their faith and to witness to Jesus Christ. The buildings are still here, and they are still being used by people to the glory of God. That gives us hope for a glorious future!